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GarrysMod 10 Dedicated Server Problems
lo all

right im trying to setup a dedicated garrys mod server on windows. I have successfully got all the files through the hldsupdatetool and can run my server.

However I cant spawn any objects at all and the console is full of errors. It doesnt like the server.cfg that is downloaded with it. (Comes up with a lot of Uknown Command Sbox_xxxx)

The errors I get when trying to spawn an object are:

Late precahce of models/props_c17/FurnitureCouch002a.mdl
ERROR: GAMEMODE:'PlayerSpawnProp' Failed: player.lua:16: attempt to call field 'Int' (a nil value)

Anyone configured a GM10 server and has their server.cfg to hand? Or any ideas where I might be able to get one from?
Ive been there but the links they provide to a server.cfg do not work.

Hopefully someone can help
in your server.cfg file, you only need:

Cheers for the reply

this was a problem i had a long time ago, sorted now many thanks.

forums been buggered for a long time

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