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port forwarding help pls..

am only just starting out at making a server so go easy if any of the following are stupid questions..

have downloaded srcds, and is working ok if i connect from other machine on the network but having some problems with the port forwarding so other people can connect. due to a useful post i read on here earlier i found that these are the ports i must forward:
UDP 1200 (Friends Network)
UDP 27000 to 27015 (Gameport)
UDP 27020
TCP 27030 to 27039
TCP 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)

i am using a netgear dg834pn router with windows firewall, do i need to port forward on both outgoing and inbound services and can i shut down the windows firewall as the router seems to have one.. i have used the server with the modem my isp gave me and people could connect ok so guessing its router/port forwarding problem.?

Any help would be much appreicated


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