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IP Change causing server hard trouble to locate
Hello, I have noticed that there were a few posts similar to this one, but I want to make sure that I have everything correctly running.

I was grounded for 15 days for doing something at school - Rather not at school, but anyhow, that is how this starts.

I run my server from my own home computer, which is quite a powerhouse with 3 GBs of memory, and a dual core processor 820 with Intel Viiv.

I just got my computer privileges back yesterday, and my IP of the server has changed to what I believe is a LAN IP, which is what I presume to be '192.168'. The full IP address is It WAS previously, but during my grounding, my parents wanted me to install a new ADSL connection, with what possibly might be with a router. I have no clue what it is actually, since it said it was a Wireless [gateway] or something like that. There is not a noticeable speed difference from my old DSL modem. Information can be seen on this page; on the right of the two choices.

The server previously was easily visible as cutting butter with a blazing knife. But now, I have no clue how my friends get into the server, as I have not asked them how. They just tell me that they cannot find the server from their favorites, they cannot join the game through invites, and they cannot join the game through the friends list. They can sometimes connect, but again, I have no clue how they do.

If you guys can give me in-depth things I can do to fix this problem, please post it up. I would appreciate your effort to help me. Smile



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