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Problems assigning to a specific core
Hey Everyone just had a quick question on my new server setup.

I am running the newest release of Centos with kernel
2.33ghz Woodcrest
4gb Ram

I currently only have 1 14man private 500fps server on it.

I want to add more servers but I cant get it to assign to a certain core correctly. I can assign it manually but then when someone restarts the server it can randomly go back to cpu 0 or cpu 1

what do i have to do to have it specifically go to CPU 0 every time so when I install our public server and another private I can have those assigned to cpu 1

thanks for your help in advance
You can use: taskset -c <core id> ./<executable>
EG: taskset -c 0 ./hlds_run

Where <core id> = the core to use, and executable is the executable command to start the server.

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