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Hi, I haven't run a server since TFC was the most popular online game (long time lol) and forgot a lot of stuff. I'm planing to setup an HL2DM server within a week or so, and have been reading up on the various aspects. Got a couple questions bout third party tools though.

If I remember correctly, there was a tool for goldsource that reported back all in-game chat and console messages to an irc chanel. I think you could also use it to send rcon commands to the server. Is there anything like that for srcds? Something I can use to administrate my server while not playing? (server won't be at my house) Some sort of tool that doesn't rely on IRC would be ideal....

Also, I was looking at all the poorly documented plugins out there. Mani seems too bloated and overly-complicated for its own good.... I really just need something to make kicking and temp/perm banning easier, as well as a simple votemap system that can be enabled for the last few minutes or so of a map, or maybe is initiated by a player (havent decided yet, but options are nice). Thats the one thing where alot of options are ideal. I was looking at Beetle's and SAP, but was wondering if there are any other options (searching just brings up mani mani mani mani), and what is the best in your opinion?

Thanks for your patience with my verbosity!
look into mattie's event scripts, there's probably a script or combo of that will suit your needs.

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