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Intel Xeon Dual Core.
I'm planning on purchashing an Intel Xeon Dual-Core 5060.  That means two logical cpus. I Have earlier tried running two srcds process's on a box that had two logical xeons. Im thinking of getting two xeon 5060's. That would mean 4 logical processors right ? Would that mean I can run 4 source servers ? This topic might explain what i mean more.
yes dual dualcore = 4 cores.

But why not buy something out of the intel quadcore series, a 5130 is only around 300 euros and holds 4 x 1,6 Ghz, so you can upgrade to 2 x 4 cores = 8 cores.

On 4 x 2 Ghz Intel (conroe core) you can run around 100-120 slots, tr66/100 mixed.
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Thank you for the prompt reply. I will stick with the 5060 for the time being though Smile
Your decission, but a stupid one. For less money same power (1 x quadcore) and you can upgrade. Buying 2 x dualcore will not leave any space for upgrading without dropping the dualcores (and wasting money).
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