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Rate Settings for 20 man 66 tic 1.1mb Up
I hate to be bugging everyone, but I am just wondering what good specs are for a 2mb upload connection on a server (I want to keep it around 1.1mb usage) that will have a maximum of 20 slots?

This server runs Windows 2003, 1gb ram, A64 3500+.
Right now, since I am upgrading my connection to 2mb up from 450kb/s up, I am running an 8 man server at 66 tic, 2000 minrate and 8000 maxrate. I'm not sure what other the variables should be set when I want to run 20 slots.

I would like to keep it at 66 tic. If it won't handle a 66 tic setting then I would be willing to go to 16 slots, but I just need to know what all of the _rate variables should be.

Sorry if I'm confusing. Thanks

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