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Votemap on stand alone server
[font=Arial]My english spelling stink, but my problems is a important task to me.
I'v red about mani_admin plugin this is not for
stand alone server. can somebody tell me how this works in stand alone server please please please.
by stand alone server... do you mean dedicated or listen?

listen is where you are serving and playing on the same computer. dedicated is when you have a computer put to the side just to be a server.

if you mean dedicated... mani admin plugin is made for dedicated servers... i use it on mine and so do a lot of other people. just read the directions on how to get it working.
I get unknown comand mesage in the consol wen i use
the commands

mani_voting 1
mani_vote_percentage 60
etc. etc. etc.

this inkludes ven trying the commands
inn mani_server.cfg

I have a stand alone server. this is only a server.
no playing on this pc. no steam installed.

and i start server by running

I'm missing something here ... but hvat..??

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