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1ghz enough?
Man my system seems okay others say they lag and status says no loss. I don't know if its there route or just my connection. I have enough upload arg!! Is 1 GHZ enough to run a source server now a days?
yes, with plenty of ram. but the big question is what is your upload speed? Gaming Servers
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I run my CS:Source server on 2 P3 866 CPU's, with Windows 2000 Server.

I use my cable connection which is 6mbps/512kpbs

No lag at alland CPU utilization is usually around 10-20%.
My upload is way more than 500kbps thats wierd that its having problems...
Our server runs dual 1ghz procs and 2.5gb of ram

it's actually a HP Visualize X-class workstation from ebay for 300 bucks.

we run a total of 4 servers, two Source servers and 2 1.6 servers, but not all have users on them at all times, usually just 1 server, and we have no problems.

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