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Custom AMX-Style menus?
Hey guys,
Ive been searching google and a million other places for info on how to code my own AMX style in-game menus. Unfortunately I have found nothing. I need them to execute sv_ commands and other repetitious commands. Ive tried using Mani's limited RCON menu (which you can expand) but that just doesnt thrill me. Any ideas?

[Image: image.png]
It sounds like you need Mattie's Event Scripts. This will do what you want, and 100 times more.. once you learn how to code in it. Smile

Also, I believe there is a script called popup that already does menu's. you could probably get this and make it do whatever you need. mattie's forums are typically a great place for support too.
Dude sweet, thats awesome. Ive used eventscripts in the past to make my own server adverts. telling the players my dns name etc., but i diddnt know you could make a menu system with it. Thanks man.
[Image: image.png]

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