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Source Server Hardware specs + TMN Server?

we like to rent a dedicated Win2003 Std. Server and set up a Source Dedicated Server. (DOD:S, or CS:S, maybe oder mod)
Here are the specifications:
- AMD Opteron 144 Prozessor (1,8GHz real freq)/64Bit
- 512 MB RAM (maybe upgrade to 1GB)
- unlimited Traffic

What would that system be capable of?
- Tickrate 33 & 66 @ how much slots?
- We like to run a 5-6 Slot Teamspeak-Server with descent voice quality, i suppose that wont eat much recources (except bandwidth)

Do some of you run a Trackmania Nations Server? We hoped to run a 14-32 slot. What would that eat?
Will it still be possible to run a Source Server?

Thanks for your answers.


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