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surf settings
i know there are many threads on this, but mine doesnt work.

i changed sv_accelerate sv_airaccelerate but every time i go on a slope i cant climb up it, on this other server, gravity and friction is set to default but u CAN climb it.. i set all the settings i could find to match it but i still cant climb up the slope! help!
I run a surf server, the only setting i have changed is sv_airaccelerate 100. nothing else. The server works fine and usually has people in it. One thing I can suggest, make sure you dont have two sv_airaccelerate's in your server.cfg. Ive seen a few people do this, rather then edit the existing one, they add another one to the config.

I suppose that 'climbing the surf up' has something to do with tickrate, try to run 66 tick server and a 33 server for comparing.

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