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1.1.0zk This is my maniadminplugin version, what i need to write in my adminslist.txt if my ip is ? Now it looks like, ; But nothing happens. Maybe i should not delete that all text? Hmmm i dont know what is wrong . . .
You're best bet would be the mani forums for this. As far as I know though, you put STEAM ID's in the adminlist.txt file, not ips. I could be wrong though, i use the 1.2BetaR version. Sorry i couldnt be of more help
Ok, I got that 1.2BETAr, but now i dont have adminslist. =//
read the FAQ's on the mani site Smile

they dont use adminlist.txt anymore, its now called clients.txt. You add users/groups in game using the mani menu now. It's very easy once you get used to how it works. Little bit of a learning curve though. Im assuming you'll have to edit clients.txt to add your steam id so you can get into the admin menu to start adding more people. when you open that file, there will be an example of how to set yourself up.

Good luck
ok. Thx

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