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What is srcds update tool.
What is this update tool, and what does it updates? Does it download files for standalone dedicated server, then how? Because i can run dedicated server fine from steam.
steam dedicated server is a gui (graphic user interface) version. you can run a server through that. but its a bit buggy at times, and tends to take more system resources while running.

srcdsupdatetool will update/instlal for the game you want in a seperate folder from steam (it will have nothing to do with the steam you use to play) and is run with a console interface. its a little less user friendly but in the longrun its the way to go, as its more stable then the steam gui version and takes up less recources.
OK, I have the update tool (HLDSupdatetool) and I am trying to download the updated files for Counter-Strike Source dedicated Server. but everytime I do this it gives me this error meassage...

Verifying: c:\hlserver\srcds\hl2\models\props_vehicles\van001a_physics.dx90.vtx
Downloading: c:\hlserver\srcds\hl2\models\props_vehicles\van001a_physics.dx90.vt
Connection Reset, WinSock Error 10054 "Connection reset by peer"

Please let me know if there is a way around this and can you also let me know where I can find Srcdsupdatetool.

Thank you
im pretty sure that means theres something blocking it access to the internet then... so maybe try disabling any firewall (just to install it..then renable it with required ports for srcds open) other then that i don't really know.

and as far as i know hldsupdatetool does it all.. there isn't a srcdsupdatetool... i oould very possibly be wrong about this.... but as far as i know.. this is all true.. and might help.

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