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AMD Opteron, 1000hz Kernel, 100% CPU
I have a few problems, I have a high speed low latency kernel all good for everything but srcds there is a performace gain in terms of throughput.

I have also got a stock kernel.  
CentOS 4.4 Server version 32 Bit.
4G of RAM dual channel.
2x270 Opteron.
taskset to pin srcds to a core.

So here is my problem, If the server gets busy at some point if it's 1000hz it will lag the reg is amazing but the server simply lags cpu spikes all over the shot, even with 10 players.  Hardware is fine I have tested it, it maybe misconfigured but I dont get any issues with any other type of process on the server.  So I switched between a 250hz and 1000hz kernel and all is good on 250hz the lag spikes are far fewer and less often but the reg is so so.

Also if I renice a process in the - range then it seems that the srcds locks up completely almost and grabs 100% cpu so I am thinking that my probelm is a lesser version of this when not reniced.

Any Ideas?
It's using srcds_amd and I am going to try forcing it to use i486 instead.
Dont turn off pre-emption not a good idea it runs like piss
it's my sata_sil driver making a mess of stuff anyone know how to tune it?
well there is a patch in the latest centos kernel i just need to know how to make the centos source sound for 1000hz Smile

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