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easiest linux distribution for my hardware
hello all

im trying to set up my server with linux so it can run srcds, but the problems have already started even before i have started installing linux!

Gentoo - cd not recognized as bootable
debian - wont install without my network card drivers (found them but apparantly need to be compiled + i do not have a floppy drive)

anyway im looking for the most straight forward install of linux i can get that will run srcds

here is my hardware

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
VID: Radeon x1900 GT 256mb PCI-E
HDD: 145.4GB
NIC: Marvel Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller ONBOARD

so if anyone could suggest a good linux distribution that should do the following, it would be much appreciated

*recognizes my hardware
*runs srcds
*is not gentoo or debian

thanks for your time
try centos that's pretty standard hardware
fqdn Wrote:try centos that's pretty standard hardware

i ended up downloading the 64bit server version of ubuntu


i just have one question for ubuntu

does it have a gui? if not how hard is it to install the gnome gui?
Ubuntu is kinda like fedora, and personally I would not run either on a server. Too much unnecessary bollox comes with it. That said ubuntu should give you the option of which gui to install during setup. If possible I would choose no gui and stick with console.

Best option would be to grab an el'cheapo realtek NIC from your local hack computer store (shouldn't cost you more than $15 AUD for one) and install debian. Then once installed figure out how to get your marvel NIC up and running.
its like "sudo apt get install gnome" not sure if that is correct
correction "sudo apt-get install gnome" that should take care of it
Better yet, sudo aptitude install gnome

It's meant to track better what you have, so if you uninstall later you don't leave orphan files lying around. But it is kinda pointless installing a GUI as it uses resources and running and installing srcds is all done from the console anyway.

And I would go with zef.'s suggestion, get yourself a new PCI Ethernet card, they are very very cheap these days, I have managed to get some off ebay for £1.50

If it is an Intel card I can guarantee it will work out-the-box no problems.
Ubuntu isn't a server OS though so if you plan to run a server and like Ubuntu checkout Debian.
or download the debian etch iso, then i bet your network card is supported.
try elive, its pretty better than *buntu or knoppix... also debian based and simple and easy.
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The Gentoo CD failed to boot probably because it was burned improperly. I highly recommend Gentoo for a linux server, however discourage use of GUI reguardless of memory or CPU. I can probably help with the install if you like.
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