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how do i get the "Gun Game" for srcds?
these are the .zips i have so far, correct me if theres a newer version of them.

i need someone to help me install gun game to my srcds so i can play and also tell me how to turn off too. i love gg and want it but ive looked for like 2
days now no one had anything that will tell me how to install... so plz help me>????


first hit in google...
myk3 Wrote:

first hit in google...

on this page what should i click on so it tells me how to dl the

on the page is shows:
* 1 Gun Game
o 1.1 What is it?
o 1.2 Gun Game v3.2
+ 1.2.1 Features:
+ 1.2.2 Requirements:
+ 1.2.3 Installation:
# Sounds:
o 1.3 Gun Game v3.1.x
+ 1.3.1 Features:
+ 1.3.2 Requirements:
+ 1.3.3 Installation:
# SoundsSadrequires Mani's Admin Plugin)
o 1.4 Gun Game v3.0.x
+ 1.4.1 Features:
+ 1.4.2 Requirements:
+ 1.4.3 Installation:
# SoundsSadrequires mani's admin plugin)
o 1.5 Download
+ 1.5.1 Gun Game LATEST INTERNET version (requires ESv1.2+):
+ 1.5.2 Gun Game LATEST LAN version (requires ESv1.2+):
+ 1.5.3 Gun Game Archives
+ 1.5.4 Gun Game Sounds
which would i click on? so it tells me what i need for the .zips i use?
do u know what i mean?
go here and look:

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