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Max visible players ??

little problem, but i think the cvar is not available with source yet....

running a mod on my server for a reserved slot.
i got 17 slots.
every time an admin connects, they use the reserved slot to connect and it transfers them into a regular player slot. (at least i think thats how it works :S)

my problem, i want only 16 visible slots on the server, and the 17th 1.6 the cvar was sv_maxvisibleplayers.......
but dont work on source,

anyone know another way ?
srcds is not even completed yet. so chances are in a future update it might be included.
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starting 9/24/2006 if your problem has been solved please edit your first post and add [solved] to the begining of the title. Thanks.
ok thx, i just wanted a confirmation that it doesnt work.
hopefully future update Big Grin

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