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Surreal problems with hosting Mod
Yeah, so just as Zombie Master gets to just-before-release, we hit a wall. For some reason, our dedicated server on Linux has gone haywire.

When run on a listen server, Zombie Master works as it should. However, on our dedicated server, for some reason it's not loading the model files - you create some NPCs and you get "Bad sequence (-1 out of 1 max) in GetSequenceLinearMotion() for model 'error.mdl'! " - a sure sign that the server is trying to fall back to the "error.mdl" for the Zombies. Therefore, they don't move, and the server goes a bit mad.

Anybody have any idea why this is happening? We tried a recompile, I've tried reuploading my mod files, and it doesn't seem to fix it.

If anyone points me in a direction that leads to fixing the problem, I'll consider rewarding them with some sweet, sweet ZM loving.

-Angry Lawyer
Never mind, we finally figured it out.

-Angry Lawyer

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