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SRCDS Hangs after a few hours.
I have been hosting a server for a MOD called Garry's Mod for Half Life 2. I have set it all up and it runs fine, people can join with no problems. But after a few hours SRCDS just stops working. If you bring up Task Manager it doesn't say it has crashed or stopped responding, so the program that I setup to restart upon a crash doesnt cut in.

I can't seem to see anything that may be causing the crash.

Please help. I posted a message about 2 months ago about this and didn't get any help.

Let me know if you need any additional info. There are also no error messages when it stops working.
For the love of god, please... someone reply. Surely somebody here knows the answer.
linux ftw.

Seriously tho, check your available memory. it is quite possible you are out of memory and the server has hogged it all.
Make an daily hour or two server restart. So it can restart and start fresh again. It might help.


Are you like frozen in the game? The game just stops responding?
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I rarely connect to my own server seen as it causes LAG. When the problem occurs, the console simply freezes up; you're not able to type. I have to close it and then restart either manually or if I'm running the server keeper it restarts it automatically.

I don't think it could be that I'm running out of memory. My system specs are 2.2Ghz Daul core(AMD), 2gb ram, 120Gb primary HD, 80gb secondary HD. Im running XP Home x84(which the server runs on) and also I can boot up in xp pro x64. I also run an apache http/ftp server on the same machine, could this effect it?

I am now renting a server, but I'd still like to resolve this issue so I can run a server now and then when needed.
Seb Sinclair Wrote:Im running XP Home x84

Theres your problem, your running an unsupported version of windows! x84 was never meant for public release, it was quickly superseded by x86....

lolz, at least I think im funny... seriously tho XP Home is a POS.

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