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Bandwidth Usage
I have a pizza box server colo'd at Level3 data center in Atlanta Ga. We are starting to get hit with overrage charges due to a pricing change to the 95th percentile.

We have 1 meg commit connection (sysmetrical) that's burstable to 100mbps. During peak game time (6pm to 11pm EST) our 24 man pub will average 1.5mbps of steady traffic inbound to the server and 750kbps of traffic outbound from the server.

Here's the vars related to bandwidth:

sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minrate 4000
sv_maxupdaterate 66 (66 tick server)
sv_minupdaterate 30
sv_mincmdrate 45
sv_maxcmdrate 66
sv_client_cmdrate_difference 5

Server is ping boosted and we never dip below ~250 server FPS when fully loaded and we have a lag free kicking server, imo.

My question is, how can I lower the amount of traffic inbound to the server from all the clients? It would seem to me that the amount of information that server sends to the clients (about 750k) should be the same amount of data it should require from the clients (right now 1.5Mb). Viewing the bandwidth over months confirms the 750k out, 1.5Mb in numbers to be consistent.

The overages we are being hit with for that .5Mb over is doubling our monthly bandwidth costs.

I'm thinking of dropping sv_maxrate in increments of 5000 until it starts to lag out and then add 5000 back.

I need some more informed opinions though.

Thanks in advance,

rate 5000 will lag the server, try lower tickrate (if running higher than 33 now) and lowering the rates to around 12000-15000.
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i think you have it backwards, if the mrtg (from the datacenter) is from the switch side, "in" means from the server to the switch and "out" means from the switch (ie your clients) to the server. they will never be symmetrical, the amount of data sent from the client only shows where the client is, their shots etc. while the amount from the server sent to the client is all world objects, anything within the view of the clients and all other things in the general vicinity ie shots barrels flying by blah blah.

quick and easy: if you are being billed for 1.5 now you have to cut that down by one third, try lowering your maxrate by 1/3 to 16500 and see what happens. note that tickrate and maxrate are loosely tied together so if your clients start to get choke you will either have to lower your tickrate or raise your maxrate and suffer the penalties.
fqdn Wrote:i think you have it backwards

Hmmm, ok, I thought they might be some confusion like that in my line of thinking. That makes more sense. The amount of data the client sends the server is just their info. The data the server sends to the client is all 24 players data. More or less, but I think that's the point you are making.

I'll try lowering sv_maxrate to 16500 and see where are bandwidth plots out after a couple of days.

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