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Multiple servers, common cfg files
I run 4 CSS servers across 2 machines.

To save time managing the cfg files I'm trying to add all the common settings to one server.cfg then for each server I've included unique settings for that server, such as IP, port, hostname in another cfg file.

I start each server by adding the command +exec X.cfg where obviously X is different for each server.

Some questions: in my X.cfg files I've not included exec server.cfg as I don't need too, do I?
Also most guides talk about an autoexec.cfg file. Do you actually need one of these? The standard srcds installation doesn't include one nor is one created when you launch the server for the first time.

Thanks in advance.
I'd allways stick with running each server from their own install. It only takes about 1 GB space, and is much more handy to control.

About the server.cfg file: I'd say you should use something like: exec X.cfg in the autoexec.cfg file, while normally only autoexec.cfg and server.cfg gets executed at round start/map switch.
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Thanks for the reply.

Don't you find it very time consuming running 4 different installs though? I've only used 2 installs until recently and changing things like mapcycle/updating mods+configs/adding new maps became very time frustrating doing everything twice.
I manage about 15 servers in total.
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