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im tryin to add soem custom iamges to mapadverts.. iev added both .vmt and .vtf files to decallist.txt and added the coordinates to mapadverts.txt also in mapadverts.txt i changed it from "mani_logo"
to the name of my image.

whne i try ma_decal IT on server it tell me invalid decal index. and the image does not show up ad an advert.. mapadverts are workin if i try the same coordinates but with mani_log0 they work.  adn i missing something? do i ahve to add my files to any other folder?
ok so i got it workin.. the image shows up and i dont get invalid decal index no more.. i can see the advert ont he map.. BUT i see the purple iamge.. i see the logo.. and the black and purple behind it.
[Image: 461031727.png]

How did you get it to fix the "Invalid Decal Index"

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