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+maxplayer not working right ??
Trying to make an server with 26 slots. So I have added "+maxplayer 26" to my commandline.

Everything looks right , you can see 26 slots on the server and 26 people can join the server BUT only 20 people are allowed to play ??? all players above 20 is stuck in spectator mode and when they try to join a team they just get a message like "Maximum teamsize prohibits you to join.... bla bla" !!

What is wrong ?

Iám running a Windows dedicated server with latest Mani 1.2 beta Q, Latest Eventscripts and runing de_dust2 24/7

I have heard that de_dust should be able to host 32 slots without any modification.

Is there something in Mani that is causing this problem ?? or why can only 20 people play ?

Any help appriciated..
This is a mani config, not srcds
[Image: banner.gif]

+maxplayers not +maxplayer
Ok.. nice someone knows something about this.. where in mani is this limit set ??

I have tried looking through all files included in mani but not found it yet.

I have used Entspy to check how many spawnpoint there is in my de_dust2 map and it contains 20 spawnpoints on each team so the problem is not within the map.
Here are pictures of the spawn points

CT spawn looks like this:

[Image: ctspawn.JPG]

And T spawn like this:

[Image: tspawn.JPG]
I used to get this when putting a default installation of the team balancer PTB on the server. By default PTB limits to 20 players, and this needs changing in the configuration files if you are using it Smile
Many many thanks !! that did it !! the teamsize in PTBX was the thing. Smile

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