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most stable linux dist???
yeah i'm going to do my own linux based cs:source server.

first question is: what is the most stable dist. for server usage?
fedora core 6, ubuntu 6.10, Gentoo??

second question is: is my server enought fast??
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that server is almoust silent so that the reason why I wanna make it server...

sry 4 my bad english ^^
The three you listed are all fine. I prefer Ubuntu but, thats just me.

all other debian based
the rest of RH based
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Like what Get said,

FreeBSD is very stable.

Slackware, is also very stable and secure (This Dist is hard).

Gentoo, i never play around with, but i know it works with High End Servers very well, and works great with i686.

ubuntu, is good for a Desktop OS, if you like "apt-get" go for Debian.

FedoraCore, good for n00b / Desktop OS, but RPM's are dead and yum is gay... plz kill it FC!!!!! lol

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