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Mani Admin: Unable/failed to load plugin..
hi, my counterstrike source server is working fine and people can play on it..
today i installing mani admin plugin and when i start the server its says:

Console initialized.
Game.dll loaded for "Counter-Strike: Source"
Loading Mani Admin Plugin 2005 V1.1.0zh,

Loaded playerinfomanager interface at 0xb6c71ec8
Loaded engine interface at 0xb74b06c0
Loaded events manager interface at 0xb747fb60
Loaded filesystem interface at 0xb7d99e24
Loaded helpers interface at 0xb74ad120
Loaded networkstringtable interface at 0xb748ac40
Loaded enginetrace interface
Loaded random stream interface at 0xb7491a20
Loaded IServerGameEnts interface at 0xb6c612e8
Loaded effects interface at 0xb6c49f70
Loaded sounds interface at 0xb74b51b8
Loaded cvar interface at 0xb747cf74
Falling back to ServerGameDLL003
Falling back to ServerGameDLL003
Failed to load servergamedll interface
Failed to load plugin "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"
maxplayers set to 32
Unknown command "mani_reverse_admin_flags"
Unknown command "mani_reverse_immunity_flags"
maxplayers set to 16
RCON Server bind failed (Cannot assign requested address)

does anyone knows a solution? ty!
Did you install all the plugin (addon) files? Did u make a .vdf file from the exe you were given from the mani folder? did u get the full version of the plugin instead of the update one?
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i have the vdf file but not to an exe because i use linux Wink
i have downloaded mani admin from the site i will check it is not the updateRolleyes my vdf is as you can see in the load quote in my startpost

(failed to load plugin.... )

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