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[SOLVED] sv_downloadurl problems
Ok, so sounds download no problem but for some reason maps are not.

Here are the details...

17:18:27 sv_downloadurl
17:18:27 "sv_downloadurl" = "" ( def. "" )
- Location from which clients can download missing files
17:18:53 sv_allowdownload
17:18:53 "sv_allowdownload" = "1"
- Allow clients to download files

Downloads are on and downloadurl is set...

When you connect to the server with a map you don't have it says this in console on the client side...

Missing map maps/cspaintball2_s.bsp, disconnecting

Host_Error: Disconnected

Now when I go to my webspace to try and download a map directly it brings up a bunch of's a link to a specific map.

I have a feeling it's something to do with the webspace itself and not the server as when the downloadurl is turned off things download fine.

Any ideas? I've tried adding the mime type to my .htaccess file and it still comes the same way.

Anyone have any ideas? I really need help with this.

I fixed this issue, appears the MIME type should be if adding it through .htaccess files "AddType application/x-srcds .bsp" without the quotes of course.

Man, never seen so fast of downloads for maps...

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps someone in the future.
With IIS (Microsoft) the server admin has to manually ad it to the IIS webserver.
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