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Source TV with CSS
I am about to host a css server for a 10 player server (11 if you include the slot for source tv)

the server is on a 10mbps port so I do not beleive internet speed will be an issue, the issue i think is with the machine itself, it is a AMD Athlon 3800 with 1024 megs of ram.

It's already decided the CSS server will be 100 tic, (and 600 server fps max) I just don't know how much room on the SourceTV for clients it will leave and what kind of settings I should make for it.

If possible I'd like to run 2 matches at once, but i Have a second dedicated server so it's not the biggest problem. I'd just like to get an opinion from some others

BTW as for my other server it is..

P4 506 2.66B 533FSB 1MB CACHE EMT64
1GB PC3200 DDR


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