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Script error
I started my server today and notice that evry1 connects and disconnect so i asked my friend to try to join and he said he got an error message:

Host_Error: Server is enforcing file consistency for scripts\weapon_elite.ctx

any1 know how to fix it?
i got the same thing.. i went to my files.. and removed those files..theres about 3 of em i had to remove


i didnt delete rthem i just move them over to my desktop..and removed them fromt he script files..
server runnin fine now.. i play scouzknivez only so makes no diff to me if it causes any problem to the guns if i remove the file or not.. so just mov them over to ur desktop just in case u end up u cant buy that gun later or soemthing.
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Ye i tried that and u cant use that weapon without the script and its the same with all the weapons not just only the elites
hmm...maybe updatin the server?
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Ye when im updating i always get an error WinSock reseted by peer something like that
set sv_consistency to 1 and he'll be able to join... he probably has skins
Update the server.
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