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true 1000fps.. mass cpu usage!
Hey all, im running Centos 4.4 @ 1000Hz with a True 1000Fps in srcds.

so what the problem? 80% cpu usage with 10bots and 1 player. is it just me or is this a little high? lol. it is set to 100Tick.

Dualcore 3.4Ghz PentiumD
2GB Ram
120GB SATA2 Drive.
100Mbit up/down

basicly, it shows 1000fps in console, and 79% cpu average in "top" in SSH. lowest i seen was for about 2 seconds was 25% with only 2 bots alive in the server. i have tested both Centos4.4 and FC5. i have tested it on a FX57 single core box too.. and that got raped.

i will attach some screenys im hoping someone has any ideas how i can stablise this or reduce CPU usage.

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actually i dont think it has anythign to do with it being 1000fps. its doing it wiht the stock kernel too =/ goes upto 71% then back down to 18% really slowly
Doesnt matter now, im going back to stock fps @ 333. The extra FPS is a waste of cpu when it doe nothing for performance.

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