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Winsock 10065 Error "No Route To Host"

I have searched this forum and haven't found a fix :<

When I try to install srcds onto my brand new dedi it takes ages then finally says it cannot connect to a GeneralDirectoryServer Winsock 10065. It is connected to the internet because I am posting this thread on it Smile

Server version: Windows Server 2003 Standard edition.
Have tried deleting the blob file, hasnt worked Sad

Can someone please help me out?
Thanks for your time,
have u tried the winsockfix.exe file yet

and theres another one with a different name just search winsock fixing on google

p.s. sometimes these programs dont work
Thanks for your reply! Smile

For anyone having the same problem, it seems that probably an unclean install of zonealarm (crashed the server while installing-dont recommend) could have something to do with this issue.

Haven't be able to try it yet but i'll post back when I get back on the server Smile


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