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Help me with Server
Hi guys im new at this(noob)

I set up my deticated server its on, but the name is Source Deticated Server.
How do i change that? to what ever i want?
hostname "My Server"
if you don't have a server.cfg file rightclick and create txt file name it server.cfg (make sure you can see file extentions)

inside add a line

hostname "name you want"
Hi , every one.

Me noob here too.

I was wondering if someone can help me figure out some numbers.

I had a 2mb down and a 512 up connection that worked fine ,but i started having trouble with the line and they down my upload to 256 ,until they can resolve the issue. And here in puerto rico ,it can take an etrnity ,so iwas wondering are there any numbers for sv_maxrate - sv_updaterate - cl_updaterate - cl_cmdrate & cl_rate than you can help me out with?
i went to and my upload is at 233 so the number's i have now are 2mb down or 2048down and 256 up wich is actually reading 233 on the meter. I use the server for a few friends nearby ,im not a clan server host or anything of that sort. Im just looking to adjust the setting's temporarily.

can someone help me? Pls!!!

Thank You for your time.
Oh its a 12 player hl2 team deathmatch server

2 - opteron dual-core 2.6GHZ
2 SATA III 160GB WD Raptor in Raid mirrored
onboard video
no sound
Rack mount
Standard cd rom
1GB lan Full Duplex
Windows 2000 pro
go here: near the bottom of the page are charts that show rate vs upload vs player slots

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