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problems with server ( lags )
hi there,
i got some problems with my root server.
first the server:

AMD Athlon 64 3700+

SuSE 10.0 min/LAMP with kernel 1000hz
2 x 300 GB SATA HDD
100 MBit/s network

im running 4 css server on it.
2 war server á 13 slots ( 1 slot for hltv ) tick 100
only plugin on those is cvarblock

2 public server á 20 slots tick 66
one is running gungame mod, the other is a 24/7 dust/dust2
plugins: Mani Admin Plugin v1.2BetaN, EventScripts v1.2.1.005

ips to see them:

if i put 4 bots on one of the public servers, the cpu usage jumps from
1-2% to 7-35% Sad

the main problem is, that sometimes i have a lot of lags, most when there are about 8 people playing on the public servers, and both war server are full (10 player each). is my server allready on his limit or should i look 4 an other problem?

both public servers are started as one user, each war has an own user.
on the root are only that 4 servers, and a teamspeak server.

hope you can help me and i posted all you need. Smile
You're overbooking your server too much. 50 sots tr66 at max (so: 1 pub tr66 20 slot + 2 privates).
[Image: banner.gif]

would it work if we shut the bots off?
i know you should calculate 100hz á player on cs 1.6, is this for css the same?
2000 mhz used for the 2 war server when there are people playing should left me 1700 mhz for the public...
that cpu is not 3700 mhz (it's a 2,4 ghz cpu)

at second 1.6 uses way less resources over source
[Image: banner.gif]

actually its 2.2GHz i have the same CPU as seen here:

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