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stuck in bootstrapper much needed files
Hello i can never seem to get past Checking bootstrapper version ... it just freezes there so I am wondering if someone would be kind and already have a folder zipped up with all the files so that I can just upload them and begin my server if so I would love to recieve the help I am dying to get my server up and running I am trying to get hl2dm
here is a clip from my ssh

Enter 'yes' to accept this agreement, 'no' to decline: yes
extracting steam.tar.Z...done
pork@wendy [~/srcds_l]# ./steam
Checking bootstrapper version ...
Failed to connect to any GeneralDirectoryServer
are you behind any kind of firewall? if the ports are blocked you will get this error for sure.
yeah i had my friend just open up the basic ports so the game would play he opened up 27015 and 20 which ports does the bootstrapper use? or is there a place where i can just download these files the upload them to my server?
you need to open up the whole range of steam ports or else people won't be able to connect even if you get the server up and running. there's no place to download the files you can only get them from steam, the whole thing is around 1G or so.
is there a list of all the steam ports needed somewhere?
Problem resolved all ports were fixed and we are currently downloading all the files thanks for the help you rock !
djpork Wrote:is there a list of all the steam ports needed somewhere?

Got the ports from, but...
I am trying to set up on a server I rent, so I have no root access or control over ports int he box or the hosting provider's router. I want to check if the ports are open with the 'nc' command to see if I get a response, but I don't know a host I can talk to to check. Does anyone know a host name I can try to communicate with?
Im having the same problem with the endless Checking Bootstrapper thing. I am not behind any firewall, but i know that i access internet via a proxy server which does not require user authentication. It is simply a http address with a port number. How do I incorporate that into the ./steam command? Please, please, need help
proxy/firewall almost the same thing, even if you were to get the files people wouldn't be able to connect because of your proxy anyway.

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