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X2 amd stepping down
Hi we got a AMD x2 twincore 2.4 ghz running
1*30 player css 66tic
1*30 player dods 66tic
Problem were haveing with the x2 is the stepping on the cpu cores from 1000, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400MHz.
It keeps trying to push the cores down to 1000 then will step back up this obviously causes ingame server fps to drop to 20 and below intermitently, were useing the latest k8 drivers and cpuspeed software with the kernel rebuilt to 1000mhz, now when it does hit 2400MHz its in the 300+ server fps but it will still try to lower its cores down to 1000.
Obviously being clients we dont have nice or renice options as you need root perms, does anybody else have this problem or know of a way of blocking the 1000mhz step out in cpuspeed??
Any Help appreciated
Ps I personaly havent looked at the cpuspeed software so am not completely clued up on it atm but thats my next info hunting mission Smile
try turning off the "cool 'n quiet" option in the bios, should be under the power savings/settings page.
will check asap!
service cpuspeed stop

type setup, select system services and deselect cpuspeed from the list.
Btw Server mobo doesnt have settings for C&Q this is obviously linux based and secondly switched to a different software and it ramps the cores straight upto 2.4 ghz as soon as needed.
Happy days

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