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Very Random Mani Error
Hi guys,
I have the most random issue and cannot find a solution anywhere.

Basically, when anyone runs 'settings' on the server and try's to change one of the options it appears to register one keypress as two key presses and therefore sets the setting back to its previous (if only 2 options).
For example, when you attempt to turn on the deathbeam by pushing the key once, it turns on the deatahbeam then turns it off again instantly.

Confused?? Yeah so am I.

To see this issue in action feel free to join out server over at

If anyone wants any further information then please feel free to get in touch.
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if you installed SourceMM and currently run mani on that, make sure u delete the mani_admin_plugin.dll, and the VDF file you created,

Run a command and look in console . has the plugin executed twice ? if yes then you are running 2 instances of the plugin or something like that.

So either go without the sourceMM: keep the files in the addons folder and remove the SourceMM
or if u have more than one plugin use the sourceMM and remove the files i mentioned earlier.

Hope it solves ur problem
i was just on ur server and it seems fine !! ...
I wasn't running SourceMM.
I decided to have a play with it and see if I could get it to work, tried everything I could think of, remove mani, delete all mani files, reinstall mani. Still the same problem so in the end I say sod it and removed the eniter lot and started again from scratch. Now it all appears to be running fine Big Grin

Cheers for your help anyway m8 :L
Gaming Officer for the LSU Computer Society
Server running at

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