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start money
Every since the buy rate change my server starts out with 800 for players.
I checked server config and it is still set to what I had it.
There must be another file over riding the start money cvar
any one else have this ?
any one know howe to fix?
Not possible

What you can try: add this at your startline:

+mp_startmoney 16000
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Yea that should work.
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why do u say not possible when it does or I wouldn't of posted.
That line is im my server.cfg
but will try on startline
nope still dont work
console even shows me start money of 16000
wierd maybe need to reload
I saw the same thing on our private server when some of our members wanted to practice a little. A quick changelevel and startmoney went to where it was set at. However, we did have mp_dynamicpricing set to 0.
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