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ip switch causeing servers not to be listed in browser
server 1.. ip port 27016 game HL2MP
server 2.. ip port 27016 game CS:S
server 3.. ip port 27015 game CS

(-ip/+ip tried the -ip and the +ip

Server 1 and 2 use the -ip/+ip 192.168.3X switch
Server 3 had no -ip/+ip switch ..

Server 1 & 2 do not show up in the Internet Tab or the Lan Tab.. (not looking for Internet tab yet, that is just a router/port issue)

IF i remove the +ip/-ip switch it will show up on the lan tab, with a new port number.

server 1 and 2 are showing the right IP address when a stats command is made.

if i add the ip address to the favorites tab, they show up as active.

Server has its own steam account, also tried running each server with its own steam account with no luck.


I gave up and forgot to shut down the test server...
I have no idea when, but.. the server now is in the Internet tab.. with bots (dont remember adding bots but oh well) but still will not show up in the lan tab.
I noticed this same issue.... Drop the +/- ip switch, and suddenly my game is visible in the LAN tab.

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