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Unbanning not unbanning
I've been trying to figure out for the life of me why everytime I unban a steam id through hlsw, he ends up getting re-banned when he trys to connect. I make sure I do a writeid once I have updated the list, and I have made sure that the banned_user.cfg file does not have the steam id. The user attempts to connect but gives them the message, steam id is banned, and it adds him right back to the banned_user.cfg.

At first I thought he might be on mani's autokickname file, checked it, but it was empty so that wasn't the problem. I can't think of any other good place where it could be keeping his steam id as a banned user. And no, his IP is not on the banned list either.

I have no other scripts or plugins that deal with bannings other than mani. I haven't had problems with other steam ids in the past, so no idea why its giving me such trouble this time around.
Im having no problems with unban by hlsw, so I guess its your autokick for name or
Dissable that option and try again, or if the client using another name with no signs.. We have had that problem, mani did kick several clients with signs in the name !

Good Luck Smile

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