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Cannot establish connections
ok so i was playin fine last night on my server..ppl were on it too workin fine..woke up today i keep gettin this mesggee sayin cannot establish connection to steam servers.. restart it it several times..updated not using a router..and my ip is still the same im usin windows xp home i checked server.cfg its on sv_lan 0...i have made absolutly no changes to the server...i shut it down to go to sleep i wake up..and i cant connets...well only on lan..but it not runnin on internet,,,is this a problem on steam side and i ust gotta wait it out ro soemthing?? also when i go to find server..i only get like 35 servers listed..and from what i remember there are thousandsd of em out filters on search for server are to searcch for any ..any ideads what might be the problem?
also i kepp gettin this error type thingy sayin this
"reliabletimer.h <73> : Assertion failed: m_nPerformanceCounterEnd >=PerformanceCounterStart
reliabletimer.h <60> : Assertion failed: m_nPerformanceCounterEnd >=PerformanceCounterStart"
[Image: 461031727.png]

Erm, dont take the errors hard, i get like 100 of them. They doesnt matter really..


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