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Server FPS locked at 125
I'm using the command parameters (-tickrate 100 -fps_max 601) And the server will give me a steady 100tick, but checking the "stats" server fps keeps locked at 125.

How can i check the Hz of the timer frequency. Fedora Core Latest.

thanks guys.
if you've never recompiled it will be set at 250Hz
FInd out what kernel you running using uname and then check the /usr/src directory.

/includes/asm-i386/param.h should have the Hz definer in it.
[Image: ggbarzc2.png]
There's nothing in Usr/src, Running Fedora Core 4 64bit.
Okay, I found param.h

Quote:#ifndef HZ
#define HZ sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK)

However, in include/asm-x86_64 (which i suppose it's running)

I found param.h in that and this could be the problem :
Quote:#ifndef HZ
#define HZ 100

100!!!!! How do I recompile with 1000 any quick tips?
This is how it works on my Gentoo 32bit system...

# cd /usr/src/linux
# make menuconfig

You'll be given a menu driven system... Go to the following:

Proccesor Type and Features --> Timer Frequency --> 1000 Hz

Exit out, save your config than type:

# make

This will compile a new kernel for you underneath of arch/XXX/boot/bzImage

I think amd_64 will be where your XXX is... Copy that to your boot folder and change your bootloader to reflect the new kernel....

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