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Need help with map.cfgs... yes more help needed :D
Right, I hope this is possible... I have Zombie Hoard plugin working fine, I have got Death Match installed but not running at the moment (I did have it running but I removed it from my plugins.ini). What I want to do is make it so when I run zombie maps eg. zh_laststand.bsp, I want it to have zombie mod on, when I run all my other maps like de_dust, cs_assault, glasswars etc... I want it to have Death Match on. Is there a way to do this, I was going to create a .cfg file for every map, for example.

es_load zombiehoard

then place in C:\srcds\cstrike\maps\cfg\zh.laststand.bsp

and for the deathmatch I was going for something like

es_load addons/cssdm/bin/cssdm_mm.dll

Then place in the same directory. Would you know if this is right, I am desperate to know. I think I may need another code that stops the code to something like

es_unload zombiehoard and visa versa, so it doesn't load up 2 plugins.

-thanks in advance
Are you running cssdm from bailopan? if you are and you read the forums, or the document from the website, it should say how to. not sure though. I could be thinking of stripper:source that has separe=ate map files.
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I've sortof done it lol. It's a script called scriptmanager, I've loaded it up but I can't seem to get it right. I think the script programmer is trying to help me, thanxs.

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