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Problems with ZH plugin,
#1 <-- is the plugin.

The ZH plugin was originally Linuex but someone transfered it to .dll for windows. I followed instructions precisly and when I try to run my srcds it works and it loads it up after Mani and it executes the .CFG, but after it's loaded it shuts down my CMD prompt. I have tried to configure my server .CFG to low specs so it will run, and that's not the problem. I've had CSSBig GrinM running on it before so it's not my exec commands. I tried using metamod and transfering the data across there and putting this in the plugins .ini
addons/zh/zhplugin.dll and when I try to load up the srcds it just comes up with error finding shutdown materials. Please help, I really love ZH plugin. If anyone has got a working link of Zombie Hord for a Windows server, and they've tested it, please be kind to give me the link and a short tutorial of how they did it.

-Thanxs in advance
Go to the modmakers site for support >>>

Tip: use
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I am using zombiemod from fpsbanana... It's exactly the same but with an extra .dll instead of only for linuex users. I've been on you can't download thefull package, only the latest.dll and .so files... But I'll try thanxs. Big Grin
It's ok I've got ez scripts to do the job now, for all you who can't get Zombie Hoard working for windows srcds, try this link.
That uses matties script plugin instead of mani admin. Works great Big Grin

-thanks for all your help

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