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cpu usage spikes / cpu + fps low
well, excuse my writing, but my shift is broken on this crap pc.

i have several issues that stop me from running any useful css servers on my 2 identical shuttle barebones with amd64 3700+, nforce 5 chipset and 1 mb of ram. i tested on normal kernel, 1000hz recompiled kernel and very slim recompiled kernel with only the stuff i need and modules disabled. i'm using slackware 11.0 and the latest vanilla kernel sources with all arches, on 32bit for x86-64.

1. the first issue happens the first few times after i install the srcds server. everything will run fine, but when i add 2 bots per console, after some time, the cpu usage will shoot to 99.0 sometimes, and the fps will drop to sometimes below 100. right after the first start of the server with 10 bots, cpu usage ran below 50 all the time. after some minutes it had the spikes. then i quit the server, retried, and it happened even with 2 bots.

2. the second issue starts happening after i quit and restart the server only a few times. cpu usage will lock at roughly 1-1.5, fps at 10. it won't use any more cpu, and the fps will even drop to 1 when adding bots. it doesn't seem to want to use any more cpu power.

the console window of the server starts to behave very stange. it doesn't seem to react when trying to type a command, except for the cursor blinking as if you were typing. but after some time, from 10 seconds to several minutes, everything you type shows up at once, and is even executed if you pressed enter after the typing.

when the bots join the server, it's only 1 bot per 6 seconds, as seen in the console. and the server is running in slomo, since nothing ever seems to happen. but i didn't have the server running for more than 10 minutes yet.

all those problems seem to indicate that somehow, the server doesn't want to use cpu power, and is running at a very very slow pace. i'm really clueless on how to proceed. once the problem with the slomo mode starts, it doesn't seem to go away after logout or even reboot, at least i didn't manage to get back to the first issue after installing the server.

i'm in real need of help, since both servers would be needed for a lan this weekend, and i'm tired of setting up linux again and again, trying to find a solution, but not finding one. i searched through google and this forum, but didn't seem to find any related issues. i really don't know what to do, i might try installing winxp today, so i maybe have 2 working servers this weekend, if i get it done on time.

any help greatly appreciated.
oh, another thing worth noting, the server only start behaving this way after i load a map. if i don't do it in command line, the server will run fine at 0 cpu usage, and console working normally.

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