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Server is not on server list
Hi I am running a CSS server, the server works great and I can see it on my lan. Im using a linksys router, and I forwarded all ports 27015-27020 and when I check on the master sever list it is not there, my friends who play with me can not see it either. However people still join it regularly... I DMZed the server just in case and tried it again and once again no one I know can see it but apparently some people can because it is populated often. Next I bypassed the router and pluged directly into my cable modem, same results.
I have tried this from my house, my dorm room, and two of my friends houses. People have connected to it from all four places, yet my friends and I simply can see it. I am boggled? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!
heres my advice: have patience, if people are joining, then obviously its on there.
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i have had this problem too! if you have the wrt54g, then its the router. if i gave out my ip, people could use it to connect, it would show up in my lan. But it never showed up in my master list. i contacted linksys for support, they couldnt figure out the problem. i had the wrt54g. i nowe have a new belkin, and everything works wonderful.

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