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i have a problem
when i try to run the srcds.exe nothing happens my curser loads for like a half a second and then nothing.i went to run and then i typed
c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game dods +map dod_kalt -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate. does any one know how to fix this???
if you're the same guy on the steam forums, try this, "-game dod" you don't need to put dods as it's already the source engine!
that didnt help its still doing the same thing =(
try adding -debug at the end, it will generate a log and then you can see what the error is.
hey that fixed it!i put -debug at the end and it started up!! tytyty!!!! now i just have to see if i can get the server to work. (i have no idea what i am doing)

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