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tickrate..and rates
ok so i go into any server..and i see the server says 100 tick..i check my net_graph and im ionly gettin like 30 tick... i chec my
cl_updaterate and its set to 100 cl_cmd is at 100 and my rates are at 20000...what can be the problem? im using cable.. 2mb upload
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This has nothing to do with srcds, post in the proper forums !
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I'm going to chime in and hopefully get a helpfull reply. I am running an 80 tick server; however, many members are saying their in rate is around 60. I have noticed this a little myself, but also noticed that it changes pending on the map the server is on. Is there anything I can do to push up the in rate for them without changing tick rate? They have correct cl rates on their end. Thanks in advance.
Post your server hardware specs
the FPS thats displayed in the srcds console at top
and are you running mediaplayer and or srcdsfpsboost.exe?

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