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So, my Centos Server runs at 500FPS.. possible to get more?
Hi Guys, just doing some foolin around with SRCDS on my centos server.

the kernal is recompile dto 1000Hz, user Hz is also 1000. im using kernal

Im using a X2 AMD with SMP support, removed all intel junk, sound cards and other un needed devices from the kernel. I have been told its possible to get more then 500FPs on CentOS, but it involves more heavyer into the kernel. can anyone explain this?

i know my way around the kernel and how to compile it.
i guess i have a bigger problem on my hands, i need some sort of ftp server for this aswell. anyone know of an easy to install ftp server for linux? and how am i going to be able to add users via ssh..
guess no one knows Sad
proftpd nice simple ftpd program
and useradd -d /dir/blah
or just useradd username
adduser username

depends on the system
thanks mate, will give it a try.

anyone have any imput on the fps? i know its possible to get more but its something ELSe in the kernal after setting it to 1000Hz
bah sucks i was hoping to get this server touching close to 1000fps before monday when i colocate it.

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