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It seems that in the new beta release is a bit of a bug. My server crashes or freezes about once / hour. This did not happen with the old version.

I'm using the new cstrike_beta and mani_admin_plugin. Everything starts ok. But after an hour or so the server drops all the players with the notice:

L1013044.log:L 10/13/2006 - 19:04:12: "Player<45><STEAM_0:0:xxxxx><CT>" disconnected (reason "This Steam account is being used in another location

And i mean _Everyone_ is dropped. Then the server restarts itself and all is well again - for about an hour.

I mean wtf? What could cause this? Any ideas?

Seems like the beta is breaking mani, check for a mani update, or disable it and see if it still does it.
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I think it is a kindoff bug with the linux version of the new beta release. The server freezes after about 30-60 minutes of play for about 2 minutes. During this time you cannot type into console and server drops all clients. After the freeze is over - everything goes back to normal. This was / is not a problem with the "normal" release of CS:Source.

First i thought this was a problem with my plugins (mani_admin_plugin and etb), but after a lot of testing - disabling the plugins only postponed the freeze.

I am running the srcds server with AMD Athlon XP running @ 2.0Ghz and Debian (Woody) linux.

However. I solved this problem temporary by renice:ing the srcds_* processes to -10. After this the server did not freeze for 12 hours.

Now the situation is the same. Seems that no matter what addon you have - it causes the problem. Sad

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