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bzip2 question

I have a rented dedicated server and also have access to fast downloads.

I am interested in bzipping2 my maps.

I have 2 questions:

1) Would the bzipped 2 version of the maps go to the webserver , then can u delete the normal .bsp map files?

2) What happens if theres a map with lots of custom materials/sounds? Obviously i have .res files on the gameserver, so is there anything else i need to do with this?
(1) Yes, No. Explanation: upload only the .bz2 files to the webserver, leave the files intact on the gameserver
(2) You can also bzip the custom files, I would advice to do this only with the larger files (like + 0,5 mb), cause it's taking more time for clients to unzip than the seconds they're winning with downloading smaller files.
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Pretty much what bzip2 does is compresses the files so that when you download the map files, it doesn't take long. The server still needs the .bsp files on the server to load, as the server can't read through bzip2 it seems. Though it would be nice as it would save space on the server if you're limited, but then would take a bit extra to decompress as simular to what hollanda said.
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